Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Becoming Brave

At the end of the summer last year, if you were to put Taylor in a swing she would definitely FREAK out.

She never had the guts to actually 'go down' the slides when we went to Story Book park (just stand at the top and get in the way of all the other kids that were trying to go down).

She would also never let you lay her back in the bath tub to rinse her hair out, let alone let go of her and just let her lay there.

Well, she is older now and becoming braver!

Monday we went to Declo and met Melissa and the kids at the park (aka elementary school playground) and to my surprise she would climb up the toys and make her way down the slides...all by herself!
The first time down she actually was pushed down by another little kid wanting to go down, but once she figured out that it was actually pretty fun there was no stopping her...good thing Keegan was there right in front of her to slow her down a little and make her a little more comfortable!
She even attempted the old metal straight down slide they had! Even though Melissa or myself had to grab her half way and get her to slow down a little she still loved it.

She hated the swing when she was a baby so it really never surprised me she hated them at the park as well. Monday she loved it and actually was able to 'pump' her legs enough to keep her moving. She got mad at me when I would touch the chains to help out a little. The only time I was allowed to touch her was when she wanted back on the seat!

Laying in the bath is now fun to her too, thanks to Dad.

Canals don't 'freak' her out as much these days, and motorcycles/lawn mowers still scare her to death but she at least she is overcoming some of her fears!

This summer will be alot of fun going to the park now that she won't be depending on me as much to climb up the toys and rescue her!


Melissa said...

Isn't it great when they get a little more independent! But then at the same time you go, oh my baby!

The Calls said...

I'm glad Taylor is overcoming most of her fears. That is a big deal for moms. She is so cute! Good luck with your pregnancy. It's coming to an end and soon there will be two. Sayda