Saturday, May 03, 2008


(This picture is from last summer, I was bbq-ing dinner/too lazy to get the camera out yesterday)

It's sad, but I must admit that our (once and still occasionally) hyper all over the place pup had more patience with Taylor Jane yesterday afternoon then I have had with her this morning.

Maybe it's the fact that I woke up last night and quickly became wide awake, hot and uncomfortable. Looking at the time only made me more uncomfortable because it was only 11:45!!
Therefore I spent the night on the sofa and made my way back to the bedroom a little after 6, only to have the sweet little one exit her bedroom shortly after that wide awake! She is extra cranky when she is too tired, running off lack of sleep and she gets it from her mom (yes, I admit it) so the two of us going off not enough sleep has caused us to bonk heads all morning.

Or maybe I am just a mean Mom and won't let her eat cookies because she wouldn't eat breakfast and was hungry about an hour later.

Or the fact that I made her pause Pablo (aka Backyardigans) take a shower, get dressed, comb her hair and brush her teeth....I am so cruel.

Or it could just be that Takoda likes to get her ears/tail pulled, loves being poked with a stick and get her eyes gouged out. That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am thinking it's going to be a long day.

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