Thursday, March 06, 2008


The one word Taylor could have waited until she was 18 (or so!) to learn is MINE!

I am lucky that it waited over two years to escape that little mouth of hers, but now that it has I wish it would go away!

I can't stand it when she holds on tight to something she shouldn't be touching or she wants something you have and all you hear is, "Mine! Mine!" blah!

Time to move on to a new word of the week please!


Over the moon said...

Oh, I've got a GREAT word of the week: Carrol.

Think about it Alisha, it's plain, it's simple, doesn't imply anything (other than the fact that she wants to see me really bad), and it isn't annoying to hear over and over again.

Just think it over.

Taylor, don't even learn the word NO ok?

Pugmires said...

Oh the lovely "mine." Garen has popped that word out a few to many times. Thanks to his older sister, he learned that word early!

And I think Carrol is a little to hard to say. How about Emily. It sounds much more sophisticated and beautify. Just a suggestion. :)
ps. Parker's room is very cute! I think if will look great with or without the carpet! Carpet seems a bit more warm and comfy to me.

Kona & Jared Harper said...

Tag go check out my blog!

Melissa said...

Wait until she goes to school and learns, "Your not my friend anymore!" I just LOVE that one!

Jenni said...

I wish that there was a way to have your kid avoid certain words. "Mine" is one of those words that I really don't want Lizzie to learn.