Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Little Boy's Room

Wouldn't this make the cutest little boy's room with the hardwood floors and blue walls??

Troy and I both think so....

Too bad I absolutely HATE cleaning the hardwood floors we already have or I would seriously consider keeping them! But with a large living room, our bedroom and a hallway already baring the gorgeous wood our house came with it, is just too much for me!
Add in the kitchen/back entry way and the two bathrooms and that is just way too much mopping for my taste!

I absolutely dread the days when I notice my floors need to be cleaned again (and sometimes ignore it for too long!)that I am not about to add to it! Grabbing the vacuum and quickly going over the rooms that do have carpet is just ALOT easier on my back and sanity (even in the non-pregnant days) so with that all said, this cute little boys room will just have to be cute with carpet that matches his sisters! :)


Over the moon said...

LOL! I hear ya totally! That is so funny. I can't wait for the day when Seth and I get to choose what our rooms will look like! That must be so fun. A lot of work I'm sure, but so worth it in the end. I'm sure whatever it ends up like, it will be so adorable. With the creative hands and minds like you and Troy, it'll be great!! Can't wait to see it!

p.s. do you have a picture of the plaque? I want to post that, but my mom doesn't have a cord to her camera! If not, that's ok...just checking before I post. Thanks!

The Jenks Fam said...

I love that room. I still haven't painted my house and we've been there almost 4 years. I can't decide what I want! Your little girl is adorable! I love the braids! You look great for being 7 months along! :)