Monday, March 10, 2008

Canal Freak Out

A few weeks ago I noticed as Taylor and I were driving along she would randomly let out a HUGE scream or else I would glance back and see her closing her eyes or covering her face with her blanket.

It wasn't until yesterday while driving to church that I actually figured out 'why' she was doing this!

There is one pretty big canal 'bump' (actually use to be steeper until they fixed it a little while ago) on the way to church, as we were going over it she let out the biggest scream and totally started freaking out! Oh, I get it!
The rest of the drive we passed over about 2 more canals and both times right before we went over it Taylor would throw her blanket over her head.

Poor little girl is a little freaked out by a simple little canal.
If she keeps this up, there will definitely be no trips to the carnival or Lagoon in our future (probably not a bad thing for myself or Troy not to have to that bad to say???!!!)


Nikkala said...

I think you are underestimating the scariness of canals....
I imagine she will grow out of this before long, but somehow families members will never forget it.

Melissa said...

I remember when we were driving to Boise and she could see the yellow lines on the road and it was freaking her out. She is so funny! She reminds me so much of you when you were little.

Over the moon said...

Oh the poor babe! That is kinda cute and funny at the same time, but so scary for her! No, not bad to say about Lagoon, that really isn't such a bad thing at all :0).

I LOVE the carpet that David put in Parker's room. It looks so great! I'm glad you got the monitor...thank you again so much for letting us borrow it!!