Friday, March 14, 2008

Conversation with a Two year old

Tonight Troy was getting Taylor ready for bed. Her 'usual' routine is potty, jammies, brush teeth, prayers then bed.

Troy was only on the potty part when he got distracted with something on the computer. He finally went in to get her off the toilet and I hear this conversation (not exact wording, but you will get the point).... *Note: Taylor has come to a fond liking of pulling the little plastic things off the bottom of the toilet seat top*

Troy: "Why did you pull those out?"

Taylor: "Ummmm"

Troy: "Where's the other one?"

Taylor: "There it is!"

Troy: Lets out a 'fear me, I am your father' "Aahhhh"

Taylor: "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

This video was taken a few weeks ago and she isn't doing her 'lion' arrrrr very well in it, but if you were me I can just picture Taylor roaring back at her father with her fierce little face all scrunched up!

I busted up laughing.

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Over the moon said...

That video is not long enough!!! HOW FUNNY! I can totally picture the whole scenerio with Troy too. That is so funny.