Friday, March 14, 2008


Making the move with Taylor from crib to her big bed, I knew the day would come that she would eventually get the freedom to roam around when she is suppose to be in bed.

She isn't the most daring child around (she hates being thrown around, seeing motorcycles drive by, SCREAMS when she is sitting on a quarter machine and you actually put a quarter in to make it move! Canal banks and when she can see the yellow lines on the road are also a big fear of hers) so climbing over the railings to her bed actually intimidated her so she stayed in bed.

Troy stuck his head in our room this morning asking me if Taylor was laying with me. I was fast asleep so, obviously I had no clue where she was! He informs me she wasn't in her room either.

We found the escapee in the nursery playing under the crib, pajamas unzipped, and no diaper.

It happened again this afternoon when I thought she was napping and I heard her door open. I just assumed Troy was peeking in on her. Then I heard the toilet in the back bathroom flush and I was still hearing noises come from her room/nursery so I went to check it out.

Once again, I found her in the nursery. This time she was trying to scale the crib rails and get in!

She is obsessed with the crib ever since we brought it back upstairs!

I am sooooooooo not ready for her to be able to have a little more freedom! :)
Or is it I'm not ready for her to grow up??!!


Conley Clan said...

I love to hear what your little one is up to! She must be getting big! I think it is a little of both, you don't want your baby to grow up and you are scared to give her freedom, because of what she might do with it!:>

Over the moon said...

That is such a cute story. I would love to just spend a day with Taylor to see what's in store for me, and to see all the cute things she does! (well, cute and funny to hear about, probably not so much when going through it :0)