Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wrestling, Baby Shower & Horton Hears a Who

Yesterday was a busy day for me (and Taylor)

It started nice and early with Keegan's (Melissa's oldest) wrestling tournament in Declo. Troy came too and took some pictures of the lovely event where there were some of the TINIEST kids out there wrestling away!
Keegan did so good winning 2 of his 4 matches and taking home a medal.
The first picture is so funny because it totally looks like Keegan is going to break the kids neck! :)

Of course Taylor fell asleep two seconds into the drive to Declo for the tournament then by the time it was over was ready to sleep again. She crashed in the car on the way home, but didn't stay that way at home (She is bad about having to move her when she is asleep!)

Shortly after we returned home I pretty much headed straight to a baby shower. Only to leave that just in time to get home and get Taylor ready to go to the movie with Grandma, Melissa/David and their kids.

Of course the silly little girl fell asleep on the way to the theater!
So between the 3 car ride naps she got maybe an hour all day!

It was Taylor's very first movie in the theater experience. She got a little antsy about half way through (I blame it on the lack of sleep), but then decided she will sit still long enough to finish the movie out.
There was one part of the movie where Horton is getting chased and Taylor was so funny!

As he was being chased she kept saying, "Oh no! Oh no!" then when he is caught she raises her arms and lets out a scream then covers her eyes and buries her face into my shoulder! She was quite the drama queen.

After the movie was finally a time for me to relax! I was exhausted! My pregnancy sleepiness is really starting to kick in again.
Busy days like yesterday makes the days go by fast, but it wears me out. I can only imagine life with 2 kids keeping me busy....I am in trouble.


Melissa said...

I have to say that Taylor's reaction to the movie is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! It makes me laugh just thinking about it!

Melissa said...

Oh by the way tell Troy that pictures were great! Thanks!

Over the moon said...

That is so funny about Taylor's reaction in the movie! That makes me laugh!

So that looks like one of Kramer's kids in the picture where the guy is holding Keegan's arm up. He is down on his knee's...anyway, probably isn't, but looks like him!

Over the moon said...

What happened to my blog. I'm going to bed. ERRRR.