Friday, February 22, 2008

"Too Sad to Eat"

Troy finally bit the bullet this morning and moved the office desk out of the 'office' now (and soon to be) NURSERY.
We moved the desk to the back of the living room (good thing it's a big room!).

Here are some of the 'complaints' I heard from Troy shortly after making the move...

* "There's no trash can, and Taylor will always be in it if there was!"
* "We need the t.v. on a swivel so I can see it from the desk."
* "I am going to freeze now....I need to put socks on first thing in the morning for sure!"
Note: in the mornings, Troy would go in the office and shut the door. With the heat of the computer and the t.v. that room was always super warm!

* "Can we take down the family photo so we can put the t.v. from the office in it's place?"
* " The office was my favorite room in the whole house."

My favorite....
I asked him if he had any requests for lunch...
"I'm too sad to eat."

Poor Troy! :)

Now it's time to clean out the rest of the junk from the office, patch some holes, add some fresh paint and have David (my sister Melissa's hubby) install the carpet we have had for 2 years (bought it when we bought carpet for Taylor's room), pull in the crib and we will be almost set!

Crazy....If I have this little one early like I had Taylor, we only have 8 1/2 weeks left!


deidra said...

He is pretty picked on. I've never known Troy to be too "anything" to eat! Haha!

I think it's funny that he still has his FLACA gang desk.

Nikkala said...

I've learned that change is hard for guys...especially when it comes to furniture. Chod can't stand it when I rearrange the front room because he doesn't know where to sit...

Alisha W. said...

I was totally trying to convince Troy to dump the FLACA desk and get a nice wooden one for the move. I hate that thing, it's huge, metal and ugly!
To save money I didn't win the fight, plus he informed me he wouldn't have a place to rest his arms so they would get too tired without the little pull outs (Which I also hate because they are ALWAYS pulled out...even when not being used!)

Pugmires said...

Troy is too funny! Good luck with the upcoming painting and cleaning. I'm excited to see the nursery when it it all done up! And wow, I can't believe only 8 weeks away!!!!

Over the moon said...

That is so funny! Too sad to eat. Oh man, that killed me. Time is sure going by fast! I'd better get down there quick and get you your monitor!

Ok, so those pics on Em's blog look so great! When you open your photography business, you should call it 'Carrol'. I know, I know...pretty creative huh?