Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mommy of The Year Award

If there were such a thing as "Mommy of the Year" I would have received it last night.

Taylor and I were at my parents enjoying dinner. Troy had the church ball Championship game so we had to quickly leave to watch it (They are the champs FYI!) as I was trying to round up Taylor, clean up all the toys she drug around the house and get her shoes on she started to think 'running away' from me was funny. I grabbed her to sit her on my lap to put her shoes on and as I was sitting her on the ground she knocked over one of my Mom's house plants. I quickly finished the task of shoes on and went straight to picking up dirt clumps and grab the vacuum.

When that mess was clean it was pushing us to make the game on time. I yelled for Taylor to come to me so I can get her coat on. She continued with the (oh so fun) game of running away.
She got close enough to me at one point and I grabbed her arm. As I was holding tight to her left arm she quickly moved into her tantrum throwing mode and threw her self to the ground (me still holding strong to her arm) as she was going to the ground, I picked her up with the arm I was grasped to.

As soon as I stood her up she started crying. Coat was placed on her all a while her crying. She was very upset with me for making her leave that she cried the whole time we said our good byes to Grandma. She continued to cry after placing her in the car and well into the 10 of the 20 minute drive. When she wouldn't stop crying I knew I had really hurt her arm.
I quickly pulled over, found the tylenol in the diaper bag and gave her a dose....just in case.

The tears continued to fall and got worse as I took her out of the carseat. One of the guys that plays with Troy works at the hospital so as soon as I entered the gym I went to his wife and voiced my concern.
She grabbed Taylor out of my arms (now the tears rolling down mine and her face) and called Travis over to check her out.
While he was examining her arm he got her elbow to pop back into place!

I felt like an absolute horrible mother!
He assured me that they see that kind of thing so often due to picking kids up too much just using their hands and by not grabbing under their arm pits and by lifting them with just one arm. (I did know not to lift them by one arm, so I can't be that bad right??!!)

Taylor sat on my lap the entire first game (the team had to win twice to be the champs, so 2 games pretty much was a given) laying her head on my chest and refused to move her arm.
The second game, the tylenol had kicked in pretty good and so she hopped down to walk around....still cradling her arm and refusing to use it.

Upon getting home we gave her a good dose of Motrin and laid her down. I thought it would be a long night, but she slept soundly until about 5:30!
She was a little stiff this morning, but some more Motrin and a warm bath helped loosen up the arm and by the time we got to church she was good to go.

It is one thing to watch your child go through pain, but to be the one that caused it was by far the worst feeling EVER!

Next time one of my children throw themselves onto the ground and I only have hold of one arm, I will just let go and hope that nothing on the ground will hurt them as bad as I can. :)


deidra said...

I just read an article about dislocating elbows of little kids. I thought, "Everyone grabs them by one arm!" So don't beat yourself up.

Chanc Nicole said...

Oh that is such a sad story! I'm glad Taylor is ok. And listen to Deidra and your doctor friend-it does seem to be a common thing and is in no way indicative of your skills as a parent. We all mess up unintentionally- you live, you learn and move on. Cheer up!

wlrios said...

Don't feel too bad. I did the same thing to Andre' when he was little. Saul did it twice more to him but not by picking him up. Saul went to grab him one day and just as he did Andre' grabbed the door knob. The other time he just went to take something from him and Andre' turned just right.

Over the moon said...

That does happen a lot. That just happened to Cole, my nephew and Dr. Joe said he see's a lot of that too. You are a great mom, I'd give you the mommy of the year award anyday :0)!

Nikkala said...

It happened twice to Chod's little nephew, both times they ended up in the emergency room and had to have x-rays. And then he got sent to physical it could be a lot worse.

Pugmires said...

Oh, I hate when stuff like that happens. Several times I've been trying to do this or that with one of the kids and they end up on the floor hurt.
But after your little story, I'm being much more careful with my kid's arms. Thanks for the warning. And don't feel bad, we all know what a kind and loving mother you are!

Over the moon said...

It's time for a progression picture :0)! I think I can speak for us all when I say 'we wanna see your cute lil' belly!'

Over the moon said...

p.s. and thank you for the advice on my blog.