Friday, February 22, 2008

(Another) New 'Do

To start off, if someone told me a little over 10 years ago I would be doing my OWN daughter's hair I would call them crazy!

I was 11 when my brother Jeremy had his first of four little girls. As long as I can remember they have always had hair and I had always enjoyed doing it! I would twist, braid, curl, and straighten their hair every chance I could get!

Now I have a little girl of my own that I just adore and LOVE doing her hair!

Today....more braids.
I can't believe how long her hair is!

I have figured out that hair do's that will take very long, will turn out better if I put her on my bed and let her watch cartoons while I am stylin' away!
Only problem, as soon as I am done she wants to stay on the bed and usually kicks back on the pillows and smashes all my hard work! :)


Jenni said...

I can't believe she will sit still long enough to let you work on her hair. I need to figure out a way to get my daughter to let me do that.

Pugmires said...

Super cute hair do. I don't have the patience to do Maddie's hair. I rarely lasts more then a couple hours-she just to wild.

Over the moon said...

You know what those braids remind me of?! Yup, you guessed days! Especially in Jr. High when we'd all do our hair in french braids like every game! Those are great braids, you are a natural at doing hair!