Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Making Valentines

Last week Taylor (and I) made some Valentines to send out to a few family members and close friends.

She loved the glitter much that near the end when all the hearts were 'decorated' she still wanted to play so we had to get out some scraps.
It was also funny watching her get really concerned that the glitter was all over her hands. She is quite the weirdo when it comes to getting stuff on her hands or feet. I wonder where she got the 'clean freak' gene from??!!!
She also threw a HUGE fit when I decided she was getting too messy and took it away and cleaned her up! So mad she ran down the hall to her room and slammed the door behind her! I don't know where she got slamming the door because neither Troy or I slam the door behind us when we are mad/upset. It must be some hidden genetic thing.

Hope you all have a wonderful day full of XOXO's!

The video is of her playing afterwards. The best part is about 1:26 into it when she gets all excited with her work and says "It's so cute!"
P.S. I have no clue what she is doing when she keeps touching her head!


Over the moon said...

She is SO adorable!!! I LOVE when she said It's so cute. That was so funny. When Emi heard Taylor talking she started to imitate the sounds she was making, it was so funny. I wish you could of heard it! I love Taylor's hair and cute little outfit, she is so pretty.

p.s. I love your new template too, I forgot to write that yesterday!

Pugmires said...

That was so fun to watch Taylor. What a fun, cute little girl! I can't wait to see you both this weekend!!!!

Tyler and Garianne Heward said...

O my gosh thats so funny. You left me that last message about Parker's name and I didn't even get it until now!!!! Don't you love it, its the best name. PS our blog address has changed to