Monday, February 11, 2008

Taylor & the Sheep

Right after lunch Takoda started barking like crazy! I looked out the window and didn't see anything or one. She kept barking away so I looked out the window again.

There they were....
TONS of sheep being herded down the road. I called Taylor into the room to watch them.
She thought they were pretty cool.
The sun was super bright so the video is slightly dark. It's kind of random too, but it's a good 'picture' into the craziness that she brings into our family.


Over the moon said...

Oh the joys of living in the country! She is so cute...she reminds me of Em when she see's sheep too, not my Em, Em Pugmire. hehe j/k Em!

So that really is a lot of sheep?! Where are they going and what are they doing there?

Pugmires said...

That's funny, when I saw the sheep in the video I started doing exactly what Taylor was doing! :)

Only in Rupert Idaho can you have hundreds of sheep being hurded right in front of your house!
Alisha, we are planning on coming out to your house on Sat. evening-about 6pm or so. It that okay? I'm so excited to take the kid's pictures-it's been a long time, so hopefully they will cooperate. I'll call you on Sat. afternoon!