Tuesday, January 15, 2008

There ARE Bottoms on my Clothes Hampers!

Since I started doing my own laundry (back in Jr. High) I always could get it done in one day. My Jr. High and High School years, laundry was always done Sunday evenings.

When I went to college it was done on one of the days over the weekend while I was home.
In my Wal-Mart working days it was always on my first day off (usually Mondays or Wednesdays).

My point is....
Since becoming a Mother and full time stay at home wife, it seems like I was always a few loads behind in the laundry department!
There was always one hamper over flowing and desperately calling my name and screaming to be thrown into the washer!

Well, I finally cracked down the past week and committed to doing 2-3 loads a day! With much success I can see the bottom of every hamper in our home! I never thought having empty hampers would feel so fulfilling, but it does!

I think even Taylor has noticed the lack of 'heaviness' the hamper in her room has become because she now thinks it's her new toy and hauls it around the house full of babies and puppies!

Let's see if I can keep the hampers empty now!


sarakorbi said...

be careful, Taylor will probably be throwing toys in the hamper and then you throwing toys into the washer!!! I fell the same way about my laundry, it never ends.... and we're both going to be adding more laundry in the months to come and baby laundry is never done!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

I know the feeling of always doing laundry its amazing how much more laundry I have with one extra little person. Way to go at finishing it all up in one day!!!

Pugmires said...

Hip hip horray!!! You have accomplished something that I have never done in the last 5 years! You deserve three big cheers! Now will you come help me with mine? Please?