Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor Jane!

Our sweet little girl turns 2 today!
She has brought so much laughter, tears, joy, frustration, restless nights, and love into our little home in just 2 years!

Troy is going to the church Klondike tonight AND she was born on her cousin Zayne's birthday (which he is having a party tomorrow for) so we aren't 'celebrating' until Sunday night.

So this post is just a little shout out to the sweetness that brings some major tantrums lately!

We love you Taylor!

A little blast from the past from the last year! :)

(Last year on her Birthday, her hair has grown a TON!)

Oh we have tons more pics, but these are just some random ones! A birthday party post will soon follow!


Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...


Over the moon said...

Happy Birthday Taylor Jane!!!! I can't believe that it was two years ago that I held your sweet little body in my arms, adoring your sweet lil' face and precious little hands. You are growing up so fast, and getting cuter every minute of every day...if that's even possible!!! HAPPPYYYYYY BIIIIRRRRTTTTHHDAYYYYYYY!!!!

Jenni said...

She is so cute. My favorite picture is of her in the red shirt throwing the tantrum. Love it! Does it feel weird having a two year old and another on the way?

Heather said...

These pictures are SO cute! Happy Birthday Taylor. And you look GREAT by the way!! Wow! Sorry to hear you were sick. I had a similar thing happen to me when I was about that far along, and I could not BELIEVE how sick I got, or how long it took me to get better! Yowzers.

Chanc Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Taylor. I hope your birthday party is lots of fun. Those pictures crack me up...the tantrum one is a classic! What a lucky little girl.

Ben and Sara said...

Cute pictures!! It's amazing how much they change for one years old to two years old. She is so cute!! I hope she has a Happy Birthday!!

Pugmires said...

Happy birthday me sweet Taylor!!! 2 is such a fun age! I loved looking at all those pictures. I'm sure there such wonderful memories (maybe not the tantrums) but memorable non-the-less. I hope you have a wonderful birthday party!!! Love ya Taylor!

Pugmires said...

hey lish,
Some guy, I have no idea who he is, left a comment on my blog about how much he likes my header and layout and wants to know how to do it. Obviously I can't tell him how because I have no idea. If you want he left his e-mail and you can tell him since you are the master that makes it look so good. Also, my sister Mandy said she wants to create a blog and wants something cute. I know you have tons of time on your hand-not! But if I send you a picture for her header, will you make something simple whenever you feel like it or have any spare time. She won't care if you don't get around to it either, just thought I'd ask. Maybe sometime you'll have to show me how so you don't have to make them for me all the time. Thanks lish! Talk to you soon!

dersley said...

Happy birthday Taylor! It is so cute to look at your pictures and see her grow. Kids change so much so fast.

- Jennifer