Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mud Pies

This afternoon after nap time (reason for Taylor's nice hair do!) we made some pudding 'mud pies.'

She was pretty concerned the entire time I would place perfectly good oreos into the bag to get smashed and would let out some pretty good *gasps* with each smash.

After placing the oreos on top of the pudding and getting her ready to chow down she had to scope it out a little before actually digging in.

But once it was found good, there was no stopping her.

She still preferred the oreo in it's original form and ate more of those than she did the pudding.


Pugmires said...

How fun and yummy. Taylor has the pretties face, I guess she takes after her mommy.
Did you even add the gummy worm in the mud pie?

Over the moon said...

That is so cute. Just imagine how detramental (sp?) that would be for a 2 year old to see a magical cookie that just tastes so good and then to be demolished like that! I love it!