Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some Good House De-cluttering

It all started yesterday afternoon....

I opened the closet to the office (soon to be Parker's room) to clean it out. Troy and I had a good start to a D.I. pile, keep pile and a trash pile when we were finished.

Then with the keep pile we said that it all can pretty much go downstairs in the closet under the stairs. Which meant we needed to clean/organize that closet.

More piles were made for each of our categories. Well, while we were at it we said there were some things in the entry way (back door) closet that should go downstairs with it's appropriate category of stuff (ie-Troy's sleeping bag should go with the other 2 sleeping bags!)

So we moved on upstairs and cleaned out that closet.

While we are at it we might as well just keep going down the hall and hit all the cupboards and drawers along there. (For those that have been to our house, you should know what cupboards and such I am speaking of). I LOVE all the storage that we have in this one hallway! It's amazing!

A while ago we were joking that we needed to add on to the house just to keep up with all the stuff we had accumulated. Well, turns out you just need to do some MAJOR cleaning out and de-cluttering and you will find you have tons of room and that there is A TON of stuff we have been keeping around that we didn't need!

We kept alot of stuff but I think we threw away and sent just as much to D.I.

It's only 1:40 and we accomplished so much already.

Now, it's time for a warm shower and a to the couple shirts I need to sew and about 10 bows I need to get made! :)

Maybe I should pull out some of the HILARIOUS pictures of Troy back in the day that we came across to post on here! The best one isn't of just Troy but Troy and Dave (Young!). Fun stuff!


Over the moon said...

Hey! I know exactly just what you could do with all that stuff in the D.I. pile. This will save you a trip there! Get started up with FreeCycle (on Yahoo's home page under groups, then go to the search engine and type in Burley FreeCycle, sign up, wait for approval, and your in!). It's so awesome. You post what your 'junk' is and people will email back (that are in the group) and tell you they want it and they will come and pick it up. AND...if you ever need anything you post it, or look for things that are being given away. It's so great. We have received SO MUCH off of it. Like a paper shredder, copy machine, scanner, printer, home decor, clothes for Emi, kitchen name it. I'm a member of the Burley one, it's not as happening as Provo, but it'll get the job done. FOR FREE!

Anyway, just a thought:0)

Ben and Sara said...

It's always nice to get rid of stuff. After moving twice in 3 months we have gotten rid of a tons of stuff, mainly because we were getting sick of packing things up that we didn't even use. You guys got a lot done for in such a short period of time!

Pugmires said...

Way to go! I love when things are clean and organized, but I hate doing it. I have a stack a papers on my desk that need to be filed and I think they have been there for 2 months! I'm so bad. I need some of your motivation! Or maybe I just need to be pregnant. I always get more done when I know in just a short time it's going to be much harder to accomplish anything.

Jenni said...

I love de-cluttering. I think it's one of my favorite things to do. But I have to say that you guys are quick. Are you going to put together a little boy nursery in your office? And if so will we see pictures. You always have the best interior decorating ideas.