Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More Pics of Kynnlee

The New Gammons Crew! Doesn't Ashley look great for just having a baby?!?!

Gina finally sent out some more pics of little Kynnlee.
She says she looks like Kody (her middle son) did when he was little, I am no help in 'proving' that because I was only 4 when Kody was born and we never lived close to each other!. I see alot of Wyatt (Kynlee's brother) in her.

"Grandma" Gina and Kynnlee

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Over the moon said...

Congratulations!! I forgot how soon she was due! How fun that Taylor and Wyatt and Kynlee and Parker will be. They'll be such good friends growing up! She is a beautiful baby, tell Ashley that for me!