Friday, January 25, 2008

Make Up

When Taylor was younger I would let her play with my make up as I was getting ready to help distract her and let me finish!

Now that she is older, wiser and knows exactly what alot of the make up does and how to open it I regret this!

Baby #2 (and any others) will not be allowed to play with Mom's make up! Plus I don't think Troy will appreciate if our little boy is running around with eye shadow all over his face and loves putting on chap stick!


deidra said...

I hate buying makeup, so I would doubly hate having a kiddling play with it and messing it up/ using it!

Pugmires said...

That is to funny! Taylor is so cute. I'm glad she didn't get any in her eye-that hurts. She's going to be one of those girls that wants to wear makeup in 5th grade! :)

Alisha W. said...

That is why I buy the 96 cent chapstick to keep in my make up bag and the $1 eye shadow so it doesn't bug me that she plays in it! I keep the good stuff away from her now!

Over the moon said...

That is too funny! Man, I don't think I ever got into my mom's makeup. Tells you that she never let me play with it when I was younger :0). That's a great idea though, let her play with the cheap stuff! I'll remember that!