Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Birthday Party

About 30 minutes before church was over Sunday morning (Have I mentioned I loooovvve the 9 am church as far as Taylor's nap goes??!!! Getting there on time?! That's another story!) I peeked into the window of the nursery and saw Taylor fast asleep laying in the arms of one of the leaders! I about died!

Taylor is not the 'move her anywhere and she stays asleep' kid. She is the 'give me a cat nap and I am good to go' kid!
I had planned on coming home from church, laying her down for her nap, make her cupcakes for the party and relax a little until 6:30. Instead she only stayed laying in her bed for about 45 minutes then she was good to go.

Taylor + Lack of sleep= Grumpy whiny kid!

She fell asleep about an hour before the guests started arriving and I was glad! Maybe she won't be so cranky! Nope, she woke up crying and continued to whine throughout the night.

Well, that's not true...

She was very well behaved when Grandma and Grandpa showed up and the present I KNEW she would love was brought unwrapped! My mom had found two pillows made out of Taylor's favorite fabric...Minky!
She would throw one across the floor, run over and jump on it, rub it and laugh!
Then she did this...

Then it was more whines because she just wanted to lay down with her milk and new pillows on our bed but I wouldn't let her so we opened presents! She liked that part!

Along with the minky pillows my parents got her a little "My Little Pony" her new favorite baby (It came with a pacifier that you can stick in it's mouth, but she kept putting it in her own mouth to suck on so I was a mean Mom and have put it away until she understands better not to do that! She hasn't had her pacifier since she was 10 months, she doesn't need to start again at 2!).

Troy and I got her a vacuum that 'actually' picks up stuff! All the boys in attendance loved that toy and never put it down until they had to go home! Taylor loves it too, now that she gets to play with it! She has to make sure it's put away with the other vacuum in the broom closet!

Melissa got her the curtains that match her bedroom set (LOVE THEM!), a little shopping cart from Ryan and Maren, also a cell phone, money, and some learning/matching games were in the list of presents!

When it was time to sing to her she refused to sit in the high chair so I got to hold her. As soon as we started singing she started crying! (She is so like me it's ridiculous!)

Once her belly was full of cake and ice cream she was good the rest of the night. After all the kids left she layed on the floor (with her pillows of course!) drank her milk and then went to bed without a peep!

I felt like a terrible Mom when as I was cleaning up I realized I never took any pictures of her 'cake!' I hate cutting/serving cake so I went with cupcakes (so easy to make/decorate/serve I loved it!)

We had a wonderful turnout and I would like to thank again all the people that did come and for their generosity of gifts and company!


Over the moon said...

I was laughing so hard at that! Can you just imagine what must of been going through her head?? Ok, I got those pillows on now. Now what. I think I'll take them off and put them back on again. Ok, check. hehe. She is so cute in her overalls. I can't believe that she is 2 already. She really does look older now too. You looked so cute holding her in the birthday pics. Your belly is just so tiny!

Pugmires said...

I love the video. She is so funny. And the big tears with her cupcake-priceless. Sounds like she got a ton of fun new stuff! 2 is such a fun age. They become so grown up and their very own personality comes alive. And you can actually start doing things together-like both of you participation in an activity instead of mom doing it all or just dragging baby along.
She really does look more grown up in that video!