Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese's

Saturday morning my Mom, Melissa, her 3 kids, myself and Taylor all loaded into my parents van and went to Boise. The reason behind this trip was for my nephew Zayne's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's.

At first I wasn't going to go due to a Primary presidency meeting that was planned, but I keep Taylor inside ALOT due to the deathly cold air outside, I am getting to the point where my doctor will soon tell me not to travel, and so I figured it would be good for us to go. :)

We were well stocked on DVD's, food, drinks and toys to play with....we just need to bring bed pans next time!! Just kidding! But between my pregnant self and the little 4 year old Landon we made alot of potty breaks!
When we got to Boise I thought for sure Taylor's diaper would be pretty full and Melissa planned on Ashton's being the same, but no....they were both dry as a bone! The ones that actually 'could' go in their pants didn't! :)

It's always great to see Zayne since he only visits my brother every other weekend (he lives in Boise with his Mom) and it was a good change for me!

After some pizza, games with Chuck E. Cheese himself, and cake it was time to hit the games!

At first Taylor was very timid to do anything, but as soon as she figured it out there was no stopping her! She loved anything with a steering wheel, but her absolute favorite was the huge Clifford the dog ride! Of course she is a 'non' motion baby so I didn't have to put any tokens in the ride, she was perfectly content just sitting on them (I tried one ride with a token, she stayed away from that at all times after that!).

Having my nephew's party there they provide you with so many tokens per kid so we had tons of tokens to get rid of! I soon figured out that Taylor liked to put the token in the game, I would play it, then she would collect all the tickets afterwards.

She loved trying to copy all the 'dancers' on this dance machine too!

After all the fun at Chuck E. Cheese's we headed over to Mervyn's to do a little shopping. Then it was time for a joyous ride home....quite the ride, but I am not going into details!
I was worried that Taylor wouldn't want to go to bed when we got home due to her nap on the way back, but I let her play with Dad for a little while then she went down for the night without a fight! I wore her out doing so much in one day!


Pugmires said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
So you liked the 27 dresses movie? Me and my friend were just saying we needed another girls night out and want to see that movie. I'll have to check it out. I'm glad you got to get away with the girls in your family!

Melissa said...

Hey thanks for not mentioning the details of the trip home. I am still have nightmares about it.

Over the moon said...

K, I have to know about the ride home...email me or something.

Taylor, I'm going to pinch that cute little bum of your's! Seriously, she has the cutest butt! (can I say that on here)