Saturday, January 26, 2008

Date Night!??!!!

Alot of couples go to dinner and then hit a movie, or bowling or meet up with friends and play games ect. for a good date night.

After our dinner at Burger King then a quick Wal-Mart trip with a screaming 2 year old, we ended up back home. :)

Before dinner Troy was down stairs playing with his camera and wanted me to come down and see what he was up too.

After a few minutes of watching him and helping him with the flash we ended up getting into a competition of who could 'draw' the best! It was so much fun and I loved spending that time with him! Here are some of our creations....

I think his face looks creepy here!

Can you say Alien??


deidra said...

Isn't it funny how those random nights can be the best? Last night we ate dinner at home, then I sat by Chris as he did some homework that had to be submitted before midnight. It was a good little date, and it looks you guys had a good time together, too!

Pugmires said...

I think doing things like that together is way more fun than sitting through a movie.
What were you guys drawing on to make your pictures look like that?

Alisha W. said...

We were downstairs with it pitch black, we then would take a picture (very long exposure!) and would 'draw' with a flash light! ;)

The ones with Troy doing hear/see/speak no evil and the multiples of him is done by doing the same thing but instead of the flash light we used the flash, move over just a little flash again and so on! Then we would 'stop' the exposure of the camera and see the results!

Pretty amazing huh??!!!

Pugmires said...

That is way cool. You must have a much Much better camera than mine. What fun!

Over the moon said...

That's AMAZING! I can't believe that can be pulled off with a flashlight and camera. Who would of thought?!

Patty P said...

Who knew a flash could entertain Troy for so many hours...days...well maybe even months!