Sunday, January 27, 2008

Monday is the day!

I told myself that after I finished up with the current package of diapers for Taylor I would NOT buy any more!

Well, this morning as I went to get her dressed we had THREE left! That makes Monday the day I officially start working with her to become potty trained! :)

Advise and best wishes would be great!
It's a huge commitment not only for her but me!


Over the moon said...

Yes...GOOD LUCK...I'll need your expertise someday soon :0).

Patty P said...

Wish I knew some wonderful procedure for you, but it all depends on Taylor's attitude about it. Just remember that it will happen and if you have to buy more diapers it's better that beating her.

Melissa said...

If you get Taylor trained before Ashton is we might have to send him over to your house and let you have a try!