Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Full of Christmas Joy!

The past few days have just been full of so much joy and fun!

Saturday (almost) all of my high school friends were in town so it was a perfect time to attend a baby shower for one of them, Chanc. (thanks for the picture Em!)

Then a few of us still hanging around met together for lunch on Monday. I love all you girls and it was so FUN to see you all in person!

Christmas Eve was celebrated by a murder mystery game at Troy and I's house. Here are a few of the guests.

(Braden, my Mom & Dad, My Sis-in-law Debbie, My sister Gina and her hubby Craig)

After the murder was solved we had a white elephant gift exchange (which Troy hates these things, but we did it any way!)

Taylor didn't get to bed until 9 but she slept in until 8:30 (p.s. she LOVED her jammies, she would run around the house just rubbing her legs...too funny)

Santa hooked her up and brought her a little kitchen set. I knew she liked the kitchen set in Nursery, but she just can't get enough of it that I am shocked how much she loves it!
She also got a tent and pop up tunnel (IKEA)

(New famous kitchen set, cute Yorki puppy from Aunt Gina, Troy's big gift: a new camera lens, baby from cousin Calista (plus the blanket in the other pic)

At 1:00 we went to Melissa's house for lunch with my family. We got back home around 4:00 for naps (ALL of us got a nap in)
Then at 6:00 it was off to Troy's family for dinner with them. I love living close to both my family and Troy's but it does make for a long day after you spend all day on the go not able to just relax for a little bit!

While with Troy's family Taylor was absolutely in love with little Mylee (Burley girls, Gina Moncur's baby) She loved her while I was holding her but loved her even more when I let her hold/sit by her! She kept trying to give her her pacifier and should would rub her feet and give her kisses. Hopefully her love and tenderness continues when little Parker joins the family!

Jacie wandered upstairs so I grabbed her to get a "Wilkins' girls" pic. Weird that until Taylor was born Jacie was the only Wilkins girl, now we have 3 :)

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!


Pugmires said...

Sounds like you had a fun Chrismas! I'm sure Taylor got spoiled like little kids should on Christmas! I'm glad you all got to rest-a nap is the one Christmas present on my list that I didn't get. Oh well. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

Our Ole' Kentucky Home said...

What a fun christmas! Thanks girls for the fun I really enjoyed seeing everyone, I miss you all very much, but the blog makes it better. Love Sarah

Tweety, JimBo, and Teen Wolf said...

How fun. I LOVED to see everyone so much too! I miss you all already :0(. I love Taylor, she is so cute.

Over the moon said...

No WAY! I totally posted a long comment here today. Errr. Darn computer.

deidra said...

I was so confused as to why Jim was at your murder mystery dinner, because that's exactly how he came home dressed on Christmas Eve! It took me a second to realized that he had been singing with your dad, and yes, they do look a lot alike!

Alisha W. said...

Not only does my Dad look like Chris's but both our Mom's look alot alike too! It is crazy how similar both pair of parents are to each other!