Monday, December 10, 2007

Toddler Free weekend

On January 18th it would have been two years since the last time I went without having 'a baby' sleep in the same house as me.

I finally did it and left Taylor behind for a toddler free weekend in Utah. Taylor got to thoroughly enjoy herself at Ryan and Maren's.
Troy and I got to go to any store we wanted to go to, take as long as we want, look at one particular item for 20 minutes if we wanted to, because we didn't have a tired, hungry, grumpy, or impatient little one hanging with us!
We went to tons of stores (Bukoos, NPS, 2 camera stores, Gateway mall, IKEA, Hobby Lobby, Outlet stores in Draper etc)

We also enjoyed a nice dinner at Olive Garden and walked around Temple Square to see the lights.
Maybe it's the mother that has a child prone to ear infections coming out in me, but I thought it was crazy seeing so many people out shopping at the Gateway with their little ones while it was raining! And walking around the Temple while it was snowing! It wasn't really 'cold' but when I saw one family that had about a 3-4 month old outside in the snow I about died! Hello...can you say RSV season???!!!

I did wake up at 3:30 am totally missing my little one and worrying about her. I continued to toss and turn until it was time to get up. I continued to miss her while we drove to breakfast, but it soon faded when there was a couple there with 6 kids (oldest looking maybe 9 years old!) and they were jumping all over the place and making alot of noise. It was nice to actually eat my meal!

After a little more shopping I was ready to hit the road and get to my baby, but it was absolutely FABULOUS to spend some alone time with Troy and get ALL of my Christmas shopping done without having to drag Taylor around with me!

P.S. Sorry to all you IKEA lovers out there but....not too impressed! We went through the store so fast and only left with a cute little tent and pop up tunnel for Taylor. Maybe it was because the 'craftsman' or the 'I hate Chinese Junk' man came out in Troy while we were there??!! But I don't see me wanting to go back anytime soon.

P.S.S. Don't take your husbands into Hobby Lobby with you! Leave them behind or in the car! I actually told Troy when he went to find the bathroom not to be afraid to get lost for awhile! I still love you though Troy! Even though you drove me crazy in the store! :) *Muah!*


Tweety, JimBo, and Teen Wolf said...

Fun!!! And IKEA, it's amazing, but for those that live in Japan where people and houses are smaller than your bathroom..hehe! :0)

deidra said...

"Troy and I got to go to any store we wanted to go to, take as long as we want, look at one particular item for 20 minutes if we wanted to"-- I doubt Troy wanted to stay in stores nearly as long as you did. I mean, there are PEOPLE in stores. And we know how he does around people.

It sounds like you hit the best stores for bargain hunting. I'm jealous!

Nikkala said...

I am sorry quality control ruined IKEA for you. They have a lot that isn't furniture--my favorites are their napkins, ribbon, gift tags. The little things. I don't even bother with the show room anymore-just head right for the good stuff.

And I am still in shock that this was the first time you left Taylor. It is a lot harder on the mom than the kid.

The Christmas blog makeover is really cute!

Mitch & Cari Johnson said...

Mitch and I did the same thing last weekend and it is good to get away for some just mommy and daddy time. Troy sounds like Mitch but his comment is more "I can make that for 1/2 that price." Ever heard of Tai-Pan Trading (Spell?) Do you design your own template? It's amazing. I need some tips for the eaziest and fastest way. What do you use to make your Header? Talk to you later!