Thursday, January 03, 2008

Half Way there!

A few days ago was the half way mark of this little ones journey here!

The first 12 weeks seemed like it went by sooooooooo slow! But the last 8 has totally flown! The holidays definitely helped the time go by.

I have been suffering from a cold the past week or so and it has been one of the most difficult colds yet. I took some medicine a few days back because my cough was bad and I was so congested I could barely breath. Poor little Parker must have been zonked out by it because I hardly felt him move and it totally freaked me out that I don't want to take anything ever again (while preggo of course) but at my Dr.'s appointment today he assured me that taking something to help comfort and help me won't harm the little one....we will see if I give in and take anything.


Over the moon said...

Oh you look so cute! I love it! I was just going to write that you need to put an updated preggo pic on here of you. You read my mind! I hope you get feeling better, I was scared to take things to when I was's hard not to be after not being able to feel the babe move that much. I was so paranoid about that. I can't wait to see more preggo pics of you :0).

Jenni said...

Being sick is the worse, especially when your pregnant and when you have a little toddler that you have to take care of too. You look very cute in the picture, I love your little baby bump.

Pugmires said...

I can't believe you are already half way there! You sure don't look it! Good Luck with the next 20 weeks! I can't wait to see you.