Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now What?!

Before the weather turned cold enough for onesies under clothing I would have to safety pin the zipper to Taylor's pajamas to help prevent her from taking off her diaper.

Then the weather turned cold, onesies were being worn and the snaps were too tricky for the little one so I was able to retire the safety pin.

Well, two mornings in a row Troy has gone into her room in the mornings to find pajamas unzipped, onesie unsnapped and diaper off!

I can handle having to remove sheets and wash some bedding that has been pee'd on, but the day it moves on to more I might have to pull out the duct tape!

I thought I was getting lucky since she had only removed her diaper once in the 22 months of her cute little life, but I guess no one is that lucky!

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Pugmires said...

oh the joys of naked babies! Does Taylor like the zip up pjs. Garen is more likely to take off the one piece pjs because he doesn't like them-but he will leave on a t-shirt and pajama pants (most of the time). Good Luck :)
ps. did you get me e-mail about the first week of December?