Saturday, November 17, 2007


We went to our first Burley Girls Basketball game for the season last night...Taylor in tow. Last year was very hard to watch the game and keep her in place (aka falling down the bleachers) so we would also have Grandma & Grandpa Wilkinson watch her.

She needs to get use to going to the games sooner than later so she was brought along. When we first walked into the gym the j.v. game was still going and the massive amount of noise from the crowds, whistles being blown and the band playing totally freaked her out and she wanted to get out of there!
She sat on my lap the rest of the game and well into the 20 minute warm up of the Varsity players. Myself and her Aunt Kathy tried over and over to get her to relax and clap and dance with the band but we had no luck.

She finally got comfortable enough to cheer and clap (for both teams, might I add) then she slowly slid down off my lap. After realizing this place was pretty cool she was just fine. Grandma & Grandpa Wilkinson surprised us and showed up to the game so we had 4 extra arms for her to crawl into. Grandpa went to get treats and returned with a bag of popcorn and m&m's for the little one and she thought she was in heaven! She sat (very well behaved) on the bleacher cheering and watching the game.

But no matter what she was doing, as soon as that good ol' BHS band started playing she would find the cheerleaders and start clapping and dancing along with them! She even got mad once that the crowd was in the way of her seeing them! When the game was over both grandparents and aunt Kathy were trying to get her to say good bye but she would have nothing to do with them! As soon as the song was over, then it was time to wave her goodbyes and give sooner!!! She sure did love those cheerleaders! Maybe she noticed that they had pretty bows in their hair like her and she could relate??!!

Probably not.

Troy always teases that she will end up being 6 feet tall, play piano and want to dance. Totally nothing against dancers/piano players (I am planning on signing her up for dance when she is 3) but Troy and I are big time sports players and will have to adjust to watching our kids cheer (hopefully our boys won't be cheering for sure!!!) for the team instead of being ON the team! :)

I wish I would have brought my camera to get some pics of her in action. Maybe next time.


Ben and Sara said...

So cute!! If she did turn out to be a cheerleader she would be so cute! I wanted to be a cheerleader up until I was about 10 or 11 years old. Then I started playing lions club basketball and my mind changed really fast. I think I was probably to shy to be a cheerleader anyway. I miss playing high school basketball and the sounds of the band. How fun that you get to go watch. I heard they are doing really well so far.

deidra said...

I'm pretty sure her being a cheerleader would be Troy's worst nightmare come true. (Speaking of nightmares, I had one the other night that Aunt Kathy died!)

I'm pretty sure that if Taylor learns the dances the cheerleaders do now, they'll still be doing the same ones when she's older. They don't seem to change them ever.

Pugmires said...

B H S GO CATS!!! Back to the back we go side to the side we go- slide. BHS! We're all cheerleaders at heart. :)

Tweety, JimBo, and Teen Wolf said...

Oh that is SO cute about Taylor and the diaper, I'm still smiling! I totally know what you mean about the cheerleader vs. player. We dress Emi up as a cheerleader, but very much want her to play sports like us! Too bad I can't force her to do what I want...hehe j/k! How is their season going to be this year?


That's cute Taylor's in cheerleading!! How fun! It does make you wonder what your kids will grow up and become huh? Time will tell! :) SOOOO ALSO I'M BEHIND ON SAYING CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's great another baby is on the way! I hope you're feeling good and able to put your feet up as much as a Mom can with a little toddler!! :)

Tyler and Garianne Heward said...

Your blog is SO CUTE! How do you get the background to look so good. Your little girl is a doll and congrats on being prego. So I guess after your first pregnancy you can do it again ;) JK I can't wait children are worth it! Come on over to my blog whenever you want. By the way your business on e-bay is impressive I'll have to tell my friends with little girls.