Friday, November 09, 2007

All is Well is Babyville

I had my Dr's appointment yesterday morning. The nurse couldn't find a heartbeat at first and (of course) I started to freak out when she said she was going to need to have the doctor come in and see if he can find it.
He came right in, then stepped right out to get the portable ultrasound he has. He found the little one instantly and the heartbeat just as fast. The baby measures right on (maybe we will have a tall 'birth' baby instead of an 18 incher?! Taylor measured 6 days small!)

So, my nerves have been calmed a little more since the spotting scare 4 weeks ago and now maybe I can enjoy the acne face, super tired...must nap phase, nauseous on occasion and the growing out of my clothes just a little more! :)


Tweety, JimBo, and Teen Wolf said...

Oh this is so great!!! YAY!! I'm so excited for your family!! I LOVED hearing Emi's heartbeat, it was the best feeling in the world and I left every appointment with a huge fat smile on my face. I can't WAIT to find out if she's a he or she :0)

Tweety, JimBo, and Teen Wolf said...

When do you get to find out again? I forgot :0)

Ben and Sara said...

I'm so glad everything went well and you can kind of relax a little more and enjoy the pregnancy.

Pugmires said...

What wonderful news! I'm glad things are going well. Take care.