Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Of My Favorite Sights

Next to a sleeping baby, this is one of top favorite sights.

This is her new favorite book...It is Backyardigans and it has a detachable "mp3" player. She likes to carry it around and dance to it.

When she is being too quiet and I walk into see her sweet, serious face it makes me smile!

P.S. Do you like her 'shirt' in the top picture? I had a jacket out cuz I was cold when I was working downstairs and she saw it and wanted to wear it, since the sleeves were WAY too long I got her one of my 3/4 length jackets and she ran around like crazy in it!


Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Super precious!! I love it!!
By the way, I LOVE LOVE your new blog too!!!

Pugmires said...

That is so cute. Garen has just started pulling out books and reading (jabbering) to himself. It's so fun!