Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Making Brownies

I may hate cleaning up the messes that Taylor can make, but why should I not let her experience these things?! Tonight was no different. She got to lick the brownie mix spoon, which I LOVED to do when I was younger, and she absolutely loved it!
She was making me laugh how serious she was about getting all the batter off!

Do you like her crazy out of control hair sticking out of the side of her head (first picture)???


Lotz Family said...

Those are the cutest pictures! Now I feel like a bad mom because I haven't let Kate do that yet purely because I don't want the mess! Haha.

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

SO fun! I love that yellow outfit she has on in the "painting" pics!! Where did you get that? Where do you get TJ's cute clothes anyway??

Alisha Wilkins said...

You are so far from being a bad mom! You are just smart and saving yourself 10 minutes of clean up time! Sometimes I wish I hadn't started the whole "help mom" out, because with her help it adds on to cooking prep time! Plus, as soon as she sees me standing at the counter she is crying for the chair to be pulled over...even if I am only looking through a recipe book!

The yellow shirt in the pictures is actually a 'dress' from Wal-Mart! I initially got it as a swim suit cover up, but since we haven't gone swimming alot it was just hanging in her closet! It was too short to be worn alone so I threw on a pair of capris! :)
My absolute favorite place to shop is Target and Macy's (sale racks!!!) and e-bay. E-bay is wonderful for name brand stuff for super cheap prices! :)

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

Is there a Macy's in Twin?? She always has such cute clothes! And by the way..."Asking for Craziness" is right! Makes me wonder bout the mom's with 16-17 kids ;0)!!! I really admire those that can do that though, I would if I could! I love XOXOXO's from my Emi, so imagine how much fun it'd be from 15 more!