Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Asking for Craziness!

My mom and dad went down to Utah this past weekend and picked up my brother's three kids for the week. My mom had a class today so Melissa was the sitter. In addition to her 3 kids, my brothers 3 kids, she "swapped" babysitting days with a friend and added Tara's 3 kids! I was then called and Taylor was invited to come play too-

Here is the break down of ages there....
2-7 year olds (only a day apart!) (Calista/Keegan)
1-6 year old (Karlen)
2-5 year olds (Hailey/Dawson)
2-4 year olds (Landon/Chance)
2-2 year olds (Ashton/Kell)
1-1 year old (Taylor)

Melissa thought since there were so many kids around the same age it would be so much fun for everyone!
Well, out of the 10 kids there, there were at least always 4 crying, complaining, running off, or fighting. One little boy is a little mischevious and liked to go wherever he pleased so we were constantly getting him out of the alley, back outside with the rest of use or pulling him inside!
We were all happily playing out front riding bikes when we decide to get the strollers out and walk around the church while the older ones rode around with more room. Right when we were about to cross the street it was a battle to get everyone happy with the bike they were given, one little girl refused to ride a bike because it was blue and she doesn't like blue (but was wearing a blue headband!) but eventually was happy and settled for a red bike.
After 15-20 minutes of that we headed home for lunch.
What a challenge! To make this half a day (which felt like forever!!!) story short, I do not want to run a day care, if there are more than 10 kids with 2 adults I will pass, sometimes more kids around the same age don't get along as well as ones that are a few years apart, I have alot of patience when it comes to my loving neices/nephews or even my own child but it was TRULY tested today! It was nice to go home after lunch and have a sleeping baby and mow the lawn and hear nothing but the mower and my thoughts!

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