Friday, July 27, 2007

Nothing has changed!

Since the time Taylor fell out of the shopping cart she has not been allowed to sit/stand/play in the basket of the cart (exception is when I had her and Ashton and they both sat and entertained each other). We walk into the store get a cart, sit her in the designated spot and buckle her in. She does not get out of that spot until it is time to load back into the car. Period.
Lately when I go to put her in her 'chair' she starts to scream, pulls at the buckle and sometimes she arches her back so far back over the bars I am afraid she is going to hurt herself! She whines pretty much the entire time we are doing our shopping and usually she is very well behaved in the stores! The worst is the 'fake' cry she has developed and she does it periodically through out the store. Talk about drive me nuts!

The same has begun with nap time and bed time. I usually feed her an early lunch. After she is cleaned up, and diaper is changed it is time to lay down. I do not wait for her 'act' tired. It is just the way it is....Nap time is after lunch!
Bedtime is the same routine. Eat, clean up (sometimes it's a bath depending on how messy she was) pajamas, bedtime at 7:00. Once again, I am a routine type of person and she has been too! We have established these 'rules' when she was just a few months old!! :)

Not lately!! She hangs onto your neck for dear life as you are laying her down and cries for a minute or two. Then settles down. In the past I would get no fight from her and not a whimper!

Nothing has changed, just the personality of our little girl. She is practically running towards the terrible two's and I just can't take it! It breaks my heart to discipline her, especially when I make her sit in the middle of the room (only thing I have found that makes her behave! I guess it's like a time out spot only it's wherever I happen to place her.) with nothing to play with. Her poor cry with the real tears rolling down her cheeks make me want to go right over and pick her up, but I know I won't get anywhere if I do that! I must stay strong, only it's easier said than done!

Who wouldn't love this adorable crooked glasses wearing little girl?!


Nikkala said...

She looks like the Olsen twins when they were on Full House. Cute

Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

I think you are a great mom! I'm afraid that I'm not such a scheduled person as you are! Your lil' Taylor Jane is so cute, I just love her!