Tuesday, May 22, 2007

War Wounds

Taylor had a rough day of shopping today! She received her first official "War Wound" right smack in the middle of her forehead. We were shopping at Kid to Kid (that was one of the BEST Kid to Kids I have been too!)my niece was keeping an eye on Taylor and playing with her (what store doesn't have carts to put your kids in?!) I am not sure what really happened but all of a sudden Taylor started screaming and came running to me. She calmed down after a couple minutes and I never thought much about the whole situation. While we were checking out I moved some of her hair that had fallen into her eyes and there it was....a HUGE black and blue goose egg! Poor kid! Then we made our way to Quilted Bear, while there she became restless in the front of the cart so I moved her to the back part. I turned around to talk to Cindy and then I heard a big crash and her screaming! She had climbed over the back and fell flat on her back! I felt awful because I had seen her lift her leg up a few times and I should have told her to sit down, but I didn't. Such a rough day of shopping! Now she is sleeping like a log. I will take a picture of her head, but it won't be until I get home before I can post it (I forgot my USB cable). I felt like an awful Mom when she fell out of the cart that I almost cried myself! She is tough (I hope!)

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Nikkala said...

Today while I was shopping a lady asked me how old Bentley was. When I told her, she said that she knew he had to be close to 18 months because of the black eye (that he STILL has) and all the other bruises on his forehead.
Taylor must be closing in on 18 months too! I wonder how long after they hit the 18 mo. this lasts.