Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Neighbors? Or No Neighbors?

When I first got here to my brother's I thought it was so fun that there were so many neighbor kids that his kids were able to play with. They live on a street where there is not much traffic so it's pretty safe for the kids to go from house to house and ride their bikes wherever. Bright and early for the past 2 mornings little ones have come to get their friends to play. How fun! That definitely won't happen for Taylor when she gets older! The joys of neighbors.
But then this morning as my sister in law was trying to get her house cleaned, little children would constantly go running in and out. Always leaving the front door open and never a "down time" of them being quiet or not getting into things they shouldn't. Let me tell you they are ALL BOY! Having to constantly check up on them and see who's house they are destroying now!
I don't think I would do well with neighbor kids I decided. Too much going on and too many messes to have to clean up! Just not for me!! ;) Taylor especially liked the little kids (mostly just watching them) but always entertaining. I go home tomorrow and it will be nice! Love going to visit my family but love going home to my hubby even more! :)

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