Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Team Bevin

I think the whole way of finding true love through t.v. is retarded but I can't deny I love to get caught up and see who the "Bachelor" is going to choose! I was totally cheering for Bevin to win last night and was SHOCKED he chose Tessa! It really irritated me (and my sister-in-law) that he told Bevin that he loved her and that right before he rejected her he mentioned that he was wearing the watch that she had given him. If it were me and as he was putting me back in the limo I totally would have asked for the watch back! HAHA I wouldn't ever sign up for reality t.v. but that's what I would have done! I also like the fact that she had absolutely nothing to say to him and he kept wanting to keep her there and talk to her about it! How weird is it that he was wearing a watch that someone that "loved" him gave him as he was proposing to another lady! I thought he made a better couple with Bevin, I was bummed! Now for the finale of Dancing with the Stars...it better be Apolo or Joey next, not a big fan of Laila! I don't really care who wins American Idol because the two I was cheering for are the top 2. I think Jordin will win. Oh the joys of reality t.v. and how addicting they become! :)

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