Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bird Stupidity

This morning before church I was in the kitchen getting stuff ready for the food we were going to eat when we return home. All of a sudden I heard something hit our window. I look over to see a bird flying away! It was like those Windex commercials when the birds run into the squeaky clean window. Minus the clean window! It made me add something to my to do list...clean the windows! :) I wonder what that bird was thinking when it decided to crash into our home.

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deidra said...

I used to clean house for this old lady. She lived on the river and had two big picture windows on opposite sides of her house (so you could see through the house). Birds would run into her windows all the time. They would leave little grease imprints of them, so you could clearly see where the the bird had hit the window (and left a impression where they had crumpled when they hit the window).