Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bike Ride

(Do you like Troy's Farmer Tan?? HAHA)

About a month ago Troy and I found a bike trailer at DI. I have been wanting one for awhile so it was perfect that since we were in Twin AND happen to have a trailer with us, we got it. Last night we finally pulled it out along with the bike, cleaned them off and aired up all tires. I was determined to take Taylor for a ride this morning and make it a daily habit. Instead of riding we ended up doing some yard work for Grandma JoAnn. I had to leave the lunch early because it was way past Taylor's nap time (and she didn't sleep well last night)-she slept for 4+ hours! There goes I thought. Since she took such a long nap we went out tonight about 15 minutes before her actual bedtime. I thought she would throw a fit when we put her in the "Kid Kaboose" but it only lasted for a second. She LOVED it! Troy took her for a quick little ride and she was squealing with joy!

My ride was a little longer-4 miles to be exact. Taylor was happy and content for about 3.5 miles, then it was sleep time! I didn't think she would fall asleep! I had the ride all planned out in my head before we left. Go about 3/4 of a mile to the canal then ride down and back (mile each way) then home. Well, after the mile one way on the canal I decided not to go back that way! It was the hardest mile I have ever done! And being a cross country runner for a few years I have experienced alot of miles! I was glad to be back on the road! It didn't help adding the extra weight of the trailer and Taylor (and probably being out of shape!). Taylor liked the canal though, she would make noises and with it being bumpy it would make her laugh when she heard herself. It was a beautiful evening for a ride, next time maybe Troy won't have to move water and will be ambitious enough to join us, maybe he can pull her too :)

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Lotz Family said...

We just took Kate on a bike ride today too! How funny! We wanted a bike trailer also, but we havent been lucky enough to find a used one and new ones are expensive! Hence why we used a baby backpack, haha. So cute!