Friday, May 18, 2007

Ribbon Tee Project

Here is my tee creation for the week. Taylor has some really cute brown Capri's that I don't have much to wear with them so I made this tee to go with them. Of course, I made the bows out of the ruffle ribbon just with a little twist of two colors. I have come to the conclusion I like Ric-rack. Alot of the outfits I have made in the past and all of my tees have it. I am getting in a rut! :)

Just a warning, I won't have a tee for next week (breaks your hearts I know!) but I am going for a few days to Utah to spend time with my brother and his cute family. ALSO to see my friend Carrol and her sweet NEW baby girl! :) Maybe my sister in law and I can drive to Draper to the Grand Opening of IKEA! It's only like 45-ish minutes away! FUN!


Pugmires said...

Those bows are way cute. I need to get some from you for Maddie! And I like your new page setup.

Alisha Wilkins said...

Thanks Em! No problem on the bows! I can hook you up :) I have a ton of colors to choose from (all listed in my store) let me know what you want and I can make them for you. If you let me know before I leave on Monday, I can bring them to Provo with me when we are visiting Carrol! :) Can't wait!

deidra said...

IKEA is going to be crazy city. They are recommending people start camping out Monday morning for the Wednesday opening. As badly as I want to go, I'm thinking it might be settled down enough to visit in, oh, about a few years!