Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Keegan!

My sister, Melissa's oldest boy Keegan turned 7 the other day. I can't believe he is 7! He was born the end of my junior year of high school-I am getting so old! :)

He wanted to take some of his friends to the movie Shrek tonight so for his actual birthday, we had a small family get together for ice cream cake at Storybook Park.

We got together pretty late so there were not very many kids at the park. When I take Taylor there during the day there is so much going on that she usually just stands there and watches the other kids. Well, that night it was fun to actually see her play with the toys! Her favorite was the tractor and it's wheel. Go figure, she will really love it when she gets to ride with Troy in the real tractor! :)

It's always fun getting pictures of her and Ashton together. Of course in one of the pictures, it is blurry because he slid down before we could get the picture! The picture of me and her on the swing, you can't tell but she is pretty much crawling up me and screaming. She HATES swings! Every time I try to put her in one she starts to cry! She never liked them when she little so it really doesn't surprise me. She also has a fascination with picking her nose lately! :)

Taylor also was very fascinated with throwing the wood chips around. Then while playing with Grandma (My Mom) it was pine cones. She thought Ashton was hilarious when he joined in the pine cone throwing fun! We gave Keegan a bubble machine and it was a big hit with the little ones. Such a big hit, just after the last picture of the collage Ashton tripped over the curb and landed head first on the other side! It didn't stop him though! He got right up and was still grabbing for the bubbles!

I love that most of my family lives close by and love it even more that we have kids that are somewhat close in age! With Troy's side of the family, we are having kids with his nieces and nephews! :) Not a bad thing, except they all live far away so Taylor doesn't get to play with them very often.

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