Friday, July 27, 2007

Free Toys

Why do we bother spending tons of money on toys for our little ones? The toys that Taylor play with that can occupy her way longer than any of the "designated child toys" are all those that can be found around the house! *Warning tons of Pictures!*

*The sleeping bag Troy bought. When he first brought it home from purchasing it at an auction they unrolled it and played for a long time in it. Ever since when she sees it she wants it unrolled so she can lounge on it.

*$0.50 bag of Pom poms I purchased at the "After Fire Sale" at Kings. (I am still finding them everywhere throughout the house!)

*Diaper genie refills (those are now put up because she learned to really open them up...then pull all of the bag out!)

*A box

*Feather Duster

*Entertainment Center when the toys are taken out

...Okay, so maybe when the toys are still in there too-

*A chair, wooden spoon and some water

*Dishes out of my cupboard and a box of granola bars (cupboard now locked up!)

*Box of wipes
*Bag of Carrots

*A window with you making faces at her through the other side

*A garden hose that you soon find out is crawling with ants! Yikes!

*Piles of laundry waiting to be folded especially mom's sports bras!

*The basket to the stroller (these were taken waiting to board the plane on the way home from Canada)

*The strings on mom's pajama pants!

*A stick!

*Pillows off the couch

*Mom's lip gloss (and a tutu)

*Any pair of shoes that are not hers

*The "Welcome" blocks out of my decor stuff

*The coasters (look how much she has grown! This was Thanksgiving day)

*Diapers, lotion & diaper bag (all of which are moved off the changing table now!)

*Silverware rack from Dishwasher

*Sticky 'garbage' (I pulled the sticker like stuff from the shelves you also see in the picture)

*Garden Gloves

*Pen and a notebook

*Grandma Wilkins' quilting stands

*Mom's ribbon (while I was trying to take pictures of them!)

*Dad's new church socks

*Under the kitchen table

*A roll of wrapping paper

So why in the world do we need to buy toys for our little ones? Well...I guess the diaper genie refills aren't very safe, the sleeping bag will soon be put away, I throw away all the pom poms I find so they will eventually be non-existent, the carrots will eventually be eaten and many of the other things became 'Taylor' proofed. Hmmm....

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Seth, Carrol and Emi baby said...

I'm so glad someone finally came out and just said it!! Why in the world should I start buying Emi all the toys when she is content with my face (for now)and the ceiling up above...when she gets older I'm going to give her my sleeping bag and a roll of wrapping paper (thanks for the advice)! I actually did make her a "toy" from constuction paper and taped it to the ceiling...then I let the fan blow it and she LOVED to stare at that. Beats buying a playmat thingy for her :0)