Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Activities

After church, naps, and flower girl dress searching (via Internet) Troy convinced Taylor and I to join him while he moved water (only one line) I really really didn't want to go, but I am glad we did! It didn't take as long as I thought it would and Taylor was very well behaved! ;)

While Troy was moving the line we parked the pickup right at the edge of a pasture with some horses. I got Taylor out of the car seat and she was so excited to see the "Horsey!" that she was going nuts inside. I didn't think the horses will come right up to the fence, but one was really friendly and surprised us with it's company. Taylor was amazed and squealed when Troy handed it some grass to eat!

Like I said, she loves horses. She has a peek-a-boo book and while driving in the car she finds the page with the horse in the stall and just leaves it there with the flap open, looking out the window!

After the water was moved we went to Grandma & Grandpa Wilkins to pick some stuff up and see them. They were gone but when we went into the hot tub room we ended up staying longer than we thought....Taylor immediately saw the doll house and was in heaven! Looks like Dear Santa is in the works...
(Notice the picture, second row first one, where the barbie she just threw on the floor has no head! There was also alot that had no legs! I think Troy had some fun with Kandice's dolls! Even he said so too!)

When we got home it was dinner time! An easy Sunday dinner is usually always French toast. Of course a chair was slid over and Taylor was my assistant! Usually her favorite thing to do is stir and dump the cinnamon in the mix, but tonight it was eating the center out of the bread!

While dinner was cooking some donation people called and I didn't want to be rude and hang up, so Troy took the phone and was going to give them a hard time but ended up turning on the speaker phone and letting Taylor give them a go-

Taylor loves "dipping" sauces...especially ketchup! Tonight it was the syrup.

Can you say "Moisturizer" !!!!

Oh joys! I love being a mom! :)

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Lotz Family said...

Kate loves dipping sauces too! I'm not as nice as you though, I usually dont let her have them because I can't stand the mess!