Thursday, July 12, 2007


I watched my sister's three boys this morning. OH MY GOSH! She has got her hands full! :) Or I should have said I had MY hands full! If Taylor wasn't smashing Ashton's head in the entertainment center door, she was beating him with her troll doll! When she was in trouble crying, Ashton was crying because she was beating on him then when one would stop crying they would look at each other and both start up again!
My house literally looked like a tornado had gone through it, which meant the whole time we were eating lunch "picnic style" I was stressing over the fact I was outside enjoying food when I should be inside cleaning!!! Oh well, I love those kids and it's always a joy to spend "some" time with them!

P.S. I am still learning the whole digital scrapbooking stuff so you have to bear with me for my "plain" less creative version of the sandbox fun! :) I am not going to point out all of my mistakes, but looking at it enlarged I see a few things that will bug me to change (someday) and straighten some things out! LOL

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Nikkala said...

The nice thing about digi is that it is so easy to go back and fix mistakes! Like the blog makeover.