Saturday, July 14, 2007

Helper Girl

Taylor helped me wash the Honda this morning. Actually, I thought she would just run around and play while I did the washing but that didn't happen! She grabbed both rags and started scrubbing away! She got soaked! After she would dip both rags into the bucket, she would hold them on her chest while she took two steps to the car. If she was turned the right way and saw a car drive by she would wave at them! She was so funny!

Also if you didn't notice, I was inspired (thanks Kristen) to pull Taylor's hair into a single pony and since I cut her bangs short they wouldn't stay back very well so I left them down! The bangs took almost all day to get use too, but I think they were cute :) I can't believe how grown up she is getting!


Pugmires said...

I love the digital pages you did. Where do you do them at. And Taylors hair is way cute as usual.

Lotz Family said...

TOO CUTE! Don't the ponytail's make them look SO big?!