Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finally Committed!

I have always thought about selling my bows around town, but the thought of all the time "pre-making" them really made me rethink it. With E-bay I can make them once they are ordered/paid for!
Well, the new little store (where I bought my window pane I mentioned earlier) "Homemade Treasures" is now officially expecting me to bring in bows! I don't know how well they will sell there because every time I mention the new store to someone they have no clue it is even open! I also went to a Child's World today and talked with Alissa Sorensen's mom and she said she would send people down the street (she doesn't like the bows they carry there) but then she found out I have a state DBA (doing business as) filed so I could sell them there too! :) Who knows, maybe I will just commit to the Homemade Treasures and (someday this year) get around to getting a booth in the craft fair! We will see.

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