Monday, July 09, 2007

"I'm a Big Girl Now!"

Since we have been home from our vacation Taylor has been "taking care of business" on the toilet! I am not trying to potty train her at all, but if I come across her "pushing" I take her to the toilet to do it there! I don't hound her about going pee, just starting to introduce her to it and get her comfortable.

She has actually gone on the toilet a few times a while back, but that was only because she was doing her business when she was suppose to be taking a bath! I was only thinking about having to clean out the tub! After a few water saves and her falling through too many times, I purchased one of the seats that makes the hole less big for little bums. Whenever she sees it in the cupboard she wants to put it on the toilet then climb on! This little girl of ours really makes me laugh!

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