Sunday, July 08, 2007

Niagara Falls

Seriously, there is so much stuff to do in Niagara Falls that we could have spent all week (and all our money!) there! We went down into the main part 2 days and a couple times for dinner. Not to mention the Marine land that is just a little ways away! But if you want to make it a vacation I have been "told" that to have the best time you have to go into the Canada side. The U.S. side is kind of ghetto!

The first day we went there we did alot more which means we spent alot of money! We ventured behind the falls, rode a HUGE Ferris wheel that you can see all of Niagara, shopped in a few gift shops and went into a "Celebrity Wax Museum." And ate at some pizza place. We stayed out until 11 and the little ones were so well behaved but so tired! Taylor crashed on my shoulder on the walk to the car and was out for the rest of the night!

(I separated all the wax museum pictures because when they were all in one collage it made you dizzy just looking at it...too many heads!)

We all REALLY wanted to go on these jet boat rides.....

but 1)we would have to find a sitter for the kids and 2) Ashley is pregnant and no pregnant ladies allowed! Since Gina didn't want Ashley to sit out alone she said she wouldn't go either 3) It was $56.00 a person!!! (Canadian, U.S. conversion was $50 but still!) We decided it was a no go, but on our list of "some day". :)

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Lotz Family said...

What a fun vacation. I would love to do a big one like that sometime! Love all the pictures, too! SO CUTE! I can't wait until I can do Kate's hair like that!