Monday, July 09, 2007

The Last Straw

From the day I started selling bows (One year in August!) I have HATED going to the Rupert post office. Why? I can't stand the short little lady that works there! Every time I go in there she is always telling me I have to do things different, I can't use delivery confirmation with first class (she just wants me to pay more $$$), I packaged the box wrong, I can't send things in that padded envelope, blah blah blah! It's sad to say but I really did not like her! She was always the slowest out of the two working...and I always ended up with her! I swear she was living her life like she has never had a happy moment ever!!!
Instead of going to Rupert, I would go into Paul. I hardly drove to Rupert any way and always through Paul but sometimes it was easier. The people in Paul knew me, knew exactly how I shipped things, were always nice and super fast! Plus we always get a good laugh at how I don't care for the "old lady in Rupert!" We are so mean!

Well, today I needed to go to the post office and run into Swenson's to get some things. Since the two were across the street from each other in Rupert and that meant taking Taylor out once I opted for Rupert. I should have gone the other direction!
As soon as I enter the building I hit a line...there are two people I like (we went to High School together) the other-not so much! Of course I get Carolyn! I have 3 small boxes, 2 envelopes, Taylor, and the book Taylor would not let me leave in the car and the first thing she says to me....
C:"You need to use bigger boxes."

A:"I use these all the time and have never had anyone complain."

C:"You can't even get postage on them, plus the delivery confirmation should be on the ENTIRE front of the box."

A:(again)"I use them all the time and you are the only one that complains about them."

C:"Well, Maybe someone needs to educate you on how to ship something."

A:"Well, then I won't come back here."

C:" Good, maybe you shouldn't."

I hold my tongue from saying anything more. Now, I have EVERYTHING ready and marked on the boxes describing what type of postage I want and she keeps asking me and telling me I am doing things wrong. Then it happens.....
Taylor reaches out and touches a single button on the credit card pad and she YELLS at her! Not very politely either! I mean rude!
I instantly ask for a comment or complaint card and she tells me they do not have them. The girl I went to H.S. with speaks up and says that they don't have cards but she can get the post master for me! I say YES!
Carolyn flashes the evil eye at Christina (I laugh deep inside!)

I may hate going in there, but I sucked it up once in awhile and was very polite when I did. But the minute she yelled at my daughter I had enough! The post master was very very understanding (sounded like I wasn't the first complaint for her) and told me everything she said to me and how she acted was not right. The post master encouraged me to continue to come back, but I honestly don't think I will.
I am not a confrontational person in public (unless I have had too much) so it was unlike me to talk back to her, but I guess it was just one of those days for me.

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Karlee said...

Good For You Mama Bear!