Friday, June 08, 2007

Way to go Braden!

Here's a shout out to my nephew Braden! He is a Senior in H.S. and is doing awesome in track this year. He did very well last year in Texas (which is hard to do in that State!), but moved to Canada for his Senior year. He was awesome in all his events but has kicked butt in the 110 hurdles!

Today he got first place and gets to go to Nationals! Their system works way different than how we Idahoans do things. I do know that when "we" go to State it is in the Boise (capitol) and we stay divided into school divisions. The meet he won today was everyone, no separation of divisions AND it was in Ottawa (their capital, like D.C. to us).
He has recently put in his papers for his mission and just cut his hair last week, I jokingly told his mom he will run faster now (wind resistance like male swimmers shave their legs!) Since he did do well, I say it's because of the new "do" or maybe since he's leaving soon he's got a little extra help :)

Sporting the new do

Either way he is awesome and I am so proud! He's even still appearing in his old home town's newspaper! I just wish that Nationals were taking place when I will be there (17 days!) for his graduation!
Good Job Brady!!!!

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