Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two weeks, Two Cards

Troy and I received another phone call this morning. Now our personal credit card has suspicious activity! So frustrating and scary! Where are they getting our info from? No more online shopping for me :(
I do alot online too!
My card for AJ's Bow-tique ended up having just under $100 in charges-all to some online gaming website. It was nice, because the bank saw that I cancelled my card and called me, confirmed I cancelled it, then took care of all the charges. I didn't have to do anything! Hopefully dealing with this card is just as easy!

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Lotz Family said...

That is SO scary! I haven't had any problems yet, but I try to be really cautious! For example, never type your credit card into a site that just begins with "http://", it should be "https://" if you are buying something... the s stands for "secure server". Also, I only buy from sites that are big, like old navy, that you know will be safe. Also, shred everything you throw away that has any of your info on it! I'm sorry, and I hope this gets taken care of for you... what a pain!